Vår 2022

ONSDAG 2 MARS 2022 KL. 19:00 BrÖtz no. 833 Coudoux/Moir + Olsson Olsson Bäck Wartel

Elisabeth Coudoux – Cello
Casey Moir – Voice
Olsson Bäck Olsson Wartel
William Olsson-ts
David Bäck-pi
Samuel Olsson-bas
Henrik Wartel-tr
This music lays the voice and cello bare, exposing a golden intuition that
reaches beyond the boundaries of given structures. It is a weave of the
very finest professional craftsmanship and a warm intimacy to one’s own
instrument. Textures emerge. Tensions arise. Contrasts flow. Subtleties
surface. Unifying sound, space and performance is the intuitive interplay of
Casey and Elisabeth, both experienced in the field of exploratory
improvisation. Together they draw on the extensive sound spectra
available to each of them, as they ebb and flow in the layering of sounds,
breathing and moving symbiotically, simultaneously autonomous yet
decidedly interconnected in sound and space.
Casey Moir is an Australian born, Swedish based vocal-artist, improviser, and composer of experimental music.
Intrigued by unconventional sounds and extended techniques, her artistic practice is centered around
investigating the multitude of sounding possibilities of the voice. This is done both acoustically and via effect
pedals, in free improvisation and in composition. She also has a keen interest in the concept of space and room,
working often with creating spatial experiences.
Casey is active on the international scene, having performed at festivals such as CTM (DE), Now Now Festival
(AU), Umeå Jazz Festival (SE), Jazz Offensive Essen (DE), Ujbuda Jazz Festival (HU) and more. She works both
in the field of improvisation and new music, having composed works for contemporary ensembles such as
Curious Chamber Players and Viva Vocal Ensemble, and performed new works of living composers, including
Israel Martinez (MX), Christian Kesten (DE) and Catharina Backman (SE). She performs regularly with
improvisational duo IGNITE, the 13-piece ensemble Été Large, is a member of interdisciplinary group CLEC and
has collaborated in many short-term projects, for example, City Composing with contemporary ensemble
Mimitabu, the interdisciplinary project UnStumm, and with the Gothenburg Dance Company in Surburbia 37°.
Website: http://casey.moir.se/
Solo video: https://youtu.be/Xxgkk9QqEQg
Cellist Elisabeth Coudoux, born in 1985, came from classical instrumental studies via Jazz to New Music and free
improvisation in her search after new sounds and playing techniques. For her, exploring the instrument’s sound
range is a constant broadening search for her own voice. Poetic miniatures emerge while analysing intuitive
movement patterns, noisy stories are told, and unknown soundscapes explored. As a solo artist, she loves the
challenge of spontaneous encounters. In her ensemble Emißatett, founded in 2013, the cello resonates as an
orchestral sound body on equal footing with the other players’ sound, the focus always shifting between
individual expression and free collective energy. What needs to be negotiated is that balance between
improvising idiosyncrasy and a common musical form.
Coudoux plays at festivals and concert series all over the world, such as All Ears Festival, In a Landscape, Moers
Festival, Roskilde Festival, Krakow Jazz Autumn, Drei Tage Zeit, Météo Festival and many more. She is a member
of several ensembles and projects such as Zeitkratzer, she is a NICA participant as well as initiator and long-time
IMPAKT e.V. board member.
Website: https://www.elisabethcoudoux.com/en/
Solo video: https://youtu.be/__xYNcuwEMM
Olsson  Bäck Olsson Wartel
David Bäck har i många år drivit jazzklubb i Göteborg tillsammans med sin bror A-Bäck.
Med dessa herrar har han spelat mången gig på sin och andra klubbar. Musiken är spontan utan gränser och det är ju bra då allt är möjligt på BrÖtz.
MESSENGER UTSKICK….och maillista:
Vi har startat en Messengergrupp som heter
BrÖtz This Week för att kunna skicka inbjudningar/påminnelser på ett smidigt sätt.
Hör av dig digitalt till info (at) brotznow.se så addar vi…
Vill du också/hellre vara med på en mailutskickslista så skriv till henrik (at) Wartel.se
Det finns numera också en FFFFK grupp på Facebook: FFFFKFB – Forum För Främjandet av den Fria Kulturen på FaceBook. Vi föreslår att fria kulturarbetare kommer fram till ett manifest ett, manuskript, en skrivelse, en text som innehåller ett förslag hur pengar för den fria kulturen ska hanteras. Tanken är att via denna grupp gör en gemensam formulering.
Gå gärna med i denna grupp!
Brötz Inträde: 100 kr swisch eller cash
Öppnar: 19.00
Konsertstart: 19.30
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