Vår 2020

BrÖtz Streaming no. 7, 20/5 8pm Quagmire

-STREAMING BRÖTZ- Not six feet under but six feet apart!
BrÖtz streaming no.7 YouTube/Brötz Brötz Brötz

LINK: https://youtu.be/ZV6oel7tWW8

We will Stream every Wednesday 8 pm in April-May
Musicians living in Gothenburg.

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de Heney/Johansson/Wartel

Nina de Heney – bas
Karin Johansson – piano
Herik Wartel – trummor

de Heney/Johansson/Wartel
This trio’s music is an open door into a sometimes swaying inner scenery,depicted in a mesh of shifting vibrations, a succession of sound-paths strewn as seeds . Layers of elaborate rythmical textures spread over an unpredictable spectrum , carpetting the walls of an imaginary acoustic
space that could be a room for yet unknown rituals. Intuitive real-time composition by three of the most acclaimed musicians on the Scandinavian contemporary music scene.
If human experience can sometimes be expressed in sound-thoughts, mantras, well here is an invitation to your inner mantra,your being as a sonic-form.

Their first album,Quagmire, released in September 2019 on Creative Sources has recieved superlative
reviews in the Swedish and international press.
”…At first, I didn’t notice the cymbals, but my dog reacted, so I listened again.Small electric impulses through the instrument and the body. This discloses something about the spatial expanse of the music, the ability to remain in one sound-space whilst also reaching to my planetary centrum….”

Thomas Millroth, Orkester Journalen 5/2019

The musicians are:
Nina de Heney double-bass
Karin Johansson piano/prepared piano
Henrik wartel drums/percussion