Brötz no. 627 15/4 Ayumi Tanaka Trio & Poetry and alchemy

Våren är här! Det blommar utomhus, och minst lika mycket inne i Brötz lokaler!
Vi får denna vecka höra en norskjapansk trio och ett allkonst-samarbete med bland andra Brötz egna Lolo Funck. En mycket spännande kväll som kommer tillfredställa och förundra både ögon och öron.

Ayumi Tanaka Trio (JAP/NOR)
Ayumi Tanaka – piano
Christian Meeas Svendsen – bas
Per Oddvar Johansen – trummor

“Japanese pianist Ayumi Tanaka came to Norway in 2011 as an aspiring student at the Norwegian Academy of Music. She is an extremely talented pianist, improvisng musician and creative composer, and she is perhaps one of the musicians I know who is cultivating the art of “feeling” rather than “thinking” more than anyone else. Even so – her playing is highly intellectual, and the meeting between her well thought-out compositions and the rest of the trio’s ingredients, leads to a highly interesting concoction. It is music which is hard to describe without having to suffer inadequate representations of it, or without having to apply cliches frequently used in explaining this type of open music, so I won’t bother to try, really. What I can say is that it is spontaneous music-making between three musicians creating a sum bigger than its parts (there’s one cliche for you!), and in my ears, the result is always refreshing and satisfying. A fantastic trio to play in – and of course it’s a bonus that the leader can help me in my Japanese studies as well!” – Christian Meeas Svendsen

Poetry and alchemy
Lolo Funck – bas
Monika Funck – pensel
Katarina Fleischer – ord
Celia Berndtzen – dans
Danielle de Vries – dans


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