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BrÖtz no. 868 19/4 19:30
Jack Wright / Ben Bennet +
Natural Artefacts

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Jack Wright / Ben Bennet

Saxophone and percussion
Jack Wright saxes / Ben Bennett percussion
“These musicians go at it in this session as if they are talking to each other, in moods that go from meditative to excited. Most of the time they are both talking at the same time, but their individual voices are clear and varied; it is a delight to be present.”
The next tour of Jack Wright and Ben Bennett is April 2023: Paris, Rouen, Le Havre, Lille, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg (twice), Copenhagen, Goteborg Sweden, Berlin.
The two have been playing together since 2006. They met through Ben’s dad, John M. Bennett, well known in the underground poetry scene, who was a partner of Jack’s since the 80s. The three played as a trio in the group Rotty What, documented on two recordings, “Naming the Dust,” and “Ohio Grimes and Misted MeaSnies” (on Edgetone). Together with Evan Lipson, bassist, Ben and Jack played as Wrest, which toured the US four times, 2012-2014 and produced two CDs, “Wrest” and Ingress. and a duo Tangle on Public Eyesore Records. In 2016 Ben moved from his home in Columbus Ohio to Philadelphia, where Jack lives, and the two have been collaborating regularly since then, as a duo (Some Nice Creaks), in trio with Zach Darrup (Never), and with various musicians who come through.
Jack Wright, an American saxophonist based in Philadelphia, has been playing freely improvised music exclusively since 1979, after a period of political and academic involvement. In the 1980s he planted the seeds of free music on long road trips across the US, the first musician to do this. He also came to Europe, especially Berlin, where he stayed for long periods of time in the mid-80s, touring in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. In the late 90s he was influenced by reductionism, and renewed his visits to Berlin and then Paris for this purpose in the early 2000s. (Europe and Japan Tours since 2002) . He plays regularly at his Spring Garden Music house in Philadelphia, but most performing is on the road. At 80 he is still touring as much as ever.
Wright’s playing was originally melodic and fast, then became rougher and bolder when he heard European free jazz in the early 80s. His current playing is once again very physically engaged, but with greater attention to timing and precision. His musical range is as wide as his vocabulary, from fiery, breathless free jazz to quiet, breath-filled, and often animalistic sounds.
In 2017 his book The Free Musics was published and has been well received by reviewers and musicians.
A reviewer for the Washington Post newspaper said, “In the rarefied, underground world of experimental free improvisation, saxophonist Jack Wright is king”.
Percussionist Ben Bennett has developed a commanding and highly personal synthesis of both traditional and extended techniques which takes the lineage of jazz, free-improvisation, and experimental music as its foundation. In searching for an expanded sonic palette, and fluid movement between disparate timbres, he has distilled the drumset into a compact assortment of drumheads, stretched membranes, and other objects which become multi-functional when placed in different physical relationships to each other, and activated by striking, friction, circular-breathing, and other techniques. Bennett’s music often sounds electronically-generated, although it is produced entirely through bodily interaction with acoustic materials. The versatility of his approach combined with the simplicity of his setup allows for a high degree of responsiveness in improvisational situations, as well as unencumbered portability. Bennett has been performing and touring actively for the past 12 years, playing across the US and abroad as a soloist, in long-running groups with Zach Darrup, Michael Foster, Evan Lipson, and Jack Wright; and with many other collaborators including Pascal Battus, Leila Bordeuil, Tashi Dorji, Sandy Ewen, Travis Laplante, Ingrid Laubrock, Charmaine Lee, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Brandon Lopez, Weston Olencki, Jacob Wick, and Nate Wooley.
Continuing on the path of dematerialization (doing more with less), some outgrowths of Bennett’s practice have involved no instruments or objects at all. Between 2014 and 2019, Bennett live-streamed 300 episodes of a YouTube series entitled “Sitting and Smiling”, in which he sat cross-legged on the floor, smiling directly at the camera without moving, for four hours each time. His channel went viral in January of 2015, creating an internet/media buzz and getting coverage from The Atlantic, VICE, Gawker, TechTimes, and other outlets. It was live-streamed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, and has received more than 17 million views worldwide.
Review of Tangle: “The prevailing mood is that of tight, jittery nervousness, the aural equivalent of crab-sized bionic spiders crawling all over a person’s exposed flesh. “Embroiled” has a multitude of abrupt, sharp moments, as if the two were sparring with each other in a boxing ring; Wright unleashes a mind-boggling variety of challenging sounds, like multi-phonics, a violent sucking sound and inhuman snorts.
Bennett wrings as many sounds as possible from a relatively small amount of equipment, all of which could probably fit in a duffel bag. Nothing is forced; Bennett seems to coax out drum pitter-patters with his fingertips or subtle noises from broomsticks, but he also has abrasive turns, using thin rods for metal-on-metal squeaking, scraping, rattling and junkyard scrambling.
As always, Wright brings surprises to his playing, refusing to fall into a rut; here, at various times, he whinnies, sounds vulnerable and wounded, chatters through his sax, snarls and also manages to sound like a sped-up tape recording. It’s a bumpy ride for those who like to know exactly what they’re getting, but adventurous sound-lovers will find much to enjoy here.
—-Ernie Paik, The Chattanooga Pulse
For bookings of this duo email Jack at jackwri555 at gmail dot com.

Natural Artefacts

Anton Jonsson, slagverk
Thomas Jäderlund, saxofoner
Merje Kägu, gitarr
Susanna Lindeborg, piano, keyboard, elektronik
Per Anders Nilsson, elektronik
Natural Artefacts bildades som trio vid millennieskiftet 2000 av Per Anders Nilsson, tillsammans med Susanna Lindeborg och Ove Johansson. Efter några års paus, när saxofonisten Ove Johansson gick bort 2015, startade kvarvarande originalmedlemmarna Susanna Lindeborg och Per Anders Nilsson en ny upplaga år 2018, nu tillsammans med musikerna Merje Kägu gitarr och Anton Jonsson slagverk. Och numera ingår även saxofonisten Thomas Jäderlund i gruppen. Utgångspunkten är, och har alltid varit, en blandning av akustiska och elektroniska instrument där influenser från olika genrer och traditioner är centrala. Här kan nämnas fri improvisation, nutida konstmusik, minimalism, electronica och elektroakustisk musik. Vad som förenar musikerna är dock deras bakgrund som jazzmusiker. Med en repertoar, som består av kompositioner, lösare strukturer och elektroniska bakgrunder speciellt gjord för den här sättningen, fortsätter Natural Artefacts att improvisatoriskt utforska nya och okända musikaliska landskap. Natural Artefacts har hittills gett ut fyra album på LJ Records, det senaste The Crux 2019.
Susanna Lindeborg och Per Anders Nilsson tillhör veteranerna i Göteborgs musikliv, de spelade bl.a. under 70-talet tillsammans i Olle Bäver, en legendarisk frijazzgrupp på Göteborgsscenen. Susanna är kanske mest känd från gruppen Mwendo Dawa, som hon och framlidne Ove Johansson har lett under många år, med stora framgångar internationellt. Mwendo Dawa har fortsatt som trio och gruppen har släppt en kritikerrosad CD på LJ Records. Per Anders spelade under 80-talet i improvisationsgruppen Volapyk tillsammans med Peeter Uuskyla och Peter Jansson, och har på senare år, förutom i Natural Artefacts, bl.a. spelat i gruppen Beam Stone tillsammans med Sten Sandell och Raymond Stridh, samt duo pantoMorf med Palle Dahlstedt. Merje Kägu är en estnisk gitarrist som numera bor i Göteborg, har släppte en solo-CD, och spelar i flera olika band. Slagverkaren Anton Jonsson har turnerat internationellt och spelat in skivor med band som Into the Wild and Strange Birds Passing och Svenska Folkjazzkvartetten. Senaste medlemmen är Thomas Jäderlund, också han en veteran i det Göteborgska jazzlivet: bl.a varit, eller är, medlem i Änglaspel, Position Alpha, Bitter Funeral Beer Band och inte minst sin egen trio TJAT, Thomas Jäderlund Amazing Trio som släppte en kritikerrosad CD får några år sedan.

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