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6/3 BrÖtz no. 766 Luigi Bozzolan + Lopes / Ceccaldi / Wildhagen

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Foto: Nuno Martins
Luigi Bozzolan – Solo

Lopes / Ceccaldi / Wildhagen
Luis Lopes-el-gitar
Valentin Ceccaldi-cello
Andreas Wildhagen-tr


LUIGI BOZZOLAN (Rome1978) // currently based in Gällivare, Sweden – Laponia.

Pianist, composer, music teacher and project leader, Luigi divides his time teaching and performing. He is unanimously recognized for his fine sense of harmony, brilliant technique and strong artistic personality. Recently he steers his professional activity toward solo concerts and piano solo works. From 2008 as project leader he starts to extend his concert activity touring in Europe and all over the world (Italy, Morrocco, Gabon, Cameroon, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Guatemala, Columbia, Perú, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, France, Danemark, Switzerland, Sweden…) as soloist, leader and co-leader in Jazz-Impro-Contemporary areas.


Lopes / Ceccaldi / Wildhagen

This new group “Guillotine”, presents its new album coming out by Clean Feed Records. With three equidistant vertices, Lisbon-Oslo-Paris, it constitutes a machine that, when well-oiled, engenders itself as a cohesive group with a completely internationalist and universalist character. A “Factory” assembled with certain tools and resources available for common construction and purpose. It mixes simple compositions with free improvisation and sometimes conceptually delineated areas.

Luís Lopes, is one of the leading Portuguese names of recent years in avant-garde jazz, improvised and experimental music. Leader in several projects with emphasis on “Humanization 4tet” (with Rodrigo Amado, Texans Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez), or the Portuguese-German “Lisbon Berlin Trio”, with Christian Lillinger and Robert Landferman, as well as oscillating among the paradigmatic “Noise Solos” or “Love Song Solos, or in duos with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Fred Lonberg-Holm or Julien Desprez, or as a member of the collective ensemble “LFU – Lisbon Freedom Unit”, has been a permanent presence in festivals and events both in Portugal and in Europe, Russia, Canada and the United States.

The omni-present Valentin Ceccaldi is one of the most renowned and prolific cellists of the new European generation of this music with a background in jazz and improvised universal music, constantly traveling around the world.

Join the young rising star Norwegian drummer Andreas Wildhagen, known for his performances in among others the Paal Nilssen-Love’s Large Unit, a band that has also collaborated with artists like Akira Sakata, Michiyo Yagi, Marshall Allen, Okkyung Lee, Thurston Moore and Jim O’Rourke. Other bands he plays in are Momentum with Jørgen Mathisen and Christian Meaas Svendsen, Jonas Cambien Trio, Lana trio and Nakama. The latter also being a record label, Nakama Records, that he is a part of and and continuosly releases music on. He has played in Europe, Russia, North America and South America, Ethiopia, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Therefore a internationalist new trio to be seen with increased interest!



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