BrÖtz no.670 1/6 SÄSONGSFINAL!

Nu är det dags för vårens sista konsert! Premiär för Lindha Kallerdahl / Anton Jonsson Duo och ett kärt återseende för oss på BrÖtz med gruppen SPILL, denna gång med en fantastisk gäst. En konsert ni inte får missa!
Utannonserade The Rosehips återkommer i höst…


Lindha Kallerdahl/Anton Jonsson Duo
Lindha Kallerdahl – röst
Anton Jonsson – trummor

SPILL + Dave Brown
Magda Mayas – piano
Tony Buck – trummor
Dave Brown – gitarr

Music for extended techniques and approaches to improvisation and realtime composition for guitar, piano and drums.

For the last 10 years or more, the duo of Tony Buck and Magda Mayas, collectively known as SPILL, have been exploring their own special approach to improvising within a shared textural world and rhythmic syntax that culminates in a unified, blended sound, Drums, percussion; Piano and Clavinet communicating in a constant shifting dialog Performing around the world in a variety of contexts, they often find themselves in Australia, where, over the last 5 years, they have developed a collaborative relationship with Melbourne guitarist David Brown, formally of the trio Pateras, Baxter, Brown.

Through numerous performances in Australia these three have found a shared sensibility and drawn upon their extensive experience to create a unique approach to trio improvising. Pointalistic interaction combine with blended and contrasting timbral sonorities to expand the language developed by SPILL into a new, more expansive whole; prepared piano and guitar and drums intertwined and subtlety shifting in focus like a constantly shifting kaleidoscope of sound.

For the first time outside of Australia the trio will present it’s music across Europe, playing concerts in Germany , France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland


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