Höst 2024

BrÖtz no. 910 20/11 19:30
Dahl/Dalen/Søvik + XYQuartet

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Amalie Dahl – altsax
Henrik Sandstad Dalen -bas
Jomar Jeppsson Søvik -trummor
Dahl/Dalen/Søvik is an improvising trio based in Oslo. With backgrounds in free jazz, noise and avantgarde they play music in the tradition of modern free improvisation, inspired by Anthony Braxton, Mette Rasmussen, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten ect.
In January 2024 they released their second album “Live in Europe” on Nice Things Records. A double CD album featuring live recordings from Prague and Brussels.
The trio consists of Amalie Dahl (Dafnie, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra) on alto saxophone, Henrik Sandstad Dalen (Sex Magick Wizards) on double bass, and Jomar Jeppsson Søvik (Giga My) on drums. All three of them are central figures in the vibrant community for improvised music in Oslo.
Their debut album “Fairytales for daydreamers” came out March 3rd 2023 on Nice Things Records. A live recording from the first ever time they played together, the listener gets to experience the trio’s immediate chemistry through a lively and adventurous 45 minute set. As if they were already old friends, they move confidently through polite introductions, interrogations, deep conversations and heated arguments before at last they reach tender reconciliation. Following the release the band toured Europe, visiting Prague, Cologne, Brussels and Oslo.
“(…) It is a sympathetic meeting, unsurprisingly Dahl/Dalen/Søvik is a trio that has moved on to play more concerts in Norway and Europe. (…)”
– Filip Roshauw on “Fairytales for daydreamers”, Jazznytt (NO)
Website: https://amaliedahl.com/dahl-dalen-sovik/Music: henriksandstaddalen.bandcamp.com

/album/fairytales-for-daydreamers Live video: https://youtu.be/8e-ZBFNwF6s?si=pnBGWD7GQe2a8LinContact: amalie.dahl@outlook.com / +4746110264

Photocred: Ferdinand Schwartz


Nicola Fazzini (alto sax)
Alessandro Fedrigo (acoustic bass guitar)
Saverio Tasca (vibes)
Luca Colussi (drums)

XYQuartet is one of the most appreciated groups of the new Italian jazz scene. With three albums and many concerts in Italy and abroad, it was awarded “second best Italian group” by the magazine Musica Jazz.
Born in 2011 in Italy, XYQuartet is a fusion of saxophonist Nicola Fazzini and bass player Alessandro Fedrigo. They create an origi- nal, exciting and innovative music with Saverio Tasca at the vibes and Luca Colussi at the drums. This project passes through different kinds of music and artistic languages updating them to Contem- porary. The group explores new ways of composing with a quirk approach. For XY, to restructure the music form is an ethics to build- up the beyond-jazz. The “X” by Fazzini and the “Y” by Fedrigo represent two approaches, two ideas, two complementary artistic identities but also two instruments, like the alto sax and the acoustic bass guitar.
After “Idea F” and “XY”, “Orbite” is the third album by XY Quartet, released on April 12, 2017, not a random date, because in the same day, but in 1961, astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to orbit the Earth.
Their music becomes three-dimensional on stage; it is captivating and enthralling for the public.
XYQuartet’s third album Orbite is coming out on 12th April 2017 by nusica.org. This release date is no coincidence: as a matter of fact, on 12th April 1961, Yuri Gagarin was the first man to journey into outer space and complete an orbit of the Earth. Musically speaking it’s a big step towards the evolution of this band’s musical language which goes from jazz to contemporary music, from prog to post minimalism and from pop to the latest NY in influences. To do so, they research and develop this new language in a creative and influent way, putting together all these different musical codes in a very homogenous form.
Since 2011, the band has played many concerts and tours in Italy and abroad, performing in well renowned stages: from Rome’s Casa del Jazz to Ferrara’s Torrione Jazz Club, to Umbria Jazz, Novara Jazz, Foligno Young Jazz, Ambia Jazz, Gallarate Jazz Festival, Valdarno Jazz, padova’s Centro D’Arte, Pisa Jazz and many others.
XYQuartet’s music has recently crossed the Italian border with concerts in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Spain, France and Belgium.

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Brötz Inträde: 100 kr swish eller cash
Öppnar: 19.30

Gästande musiker säljer ofta LP och CD.
Permanenta musiker som driver BrÖtz har även de CD´s till salu. Mycket bra musik att roa sig med under tiden för den långa väntan till nästkommande veckas BrÖtz.
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