Brötz Sessions

#7 : Gilbert Holmström & Kjell Jansson

0:18 Syra ( G. Holmström) 4:43 Three and Four (K. Jansson) 8:38 Tryck på alla knappar (G. Holmström) 13:21 Crossover ( K. Jansson) 16:30 Free One ( K.Jansson) 20:07 Consolation ( G. Holmström) 23:59 Blues for NYCF ( G. Holmström) 27:20 Greenpeace ( K. Jansson)

Brötz Sessions is a new series of filmed concerts capturing the Swedish free jazz music scene for the ages. Last year Brötz moved its program exclusively behind closed doors and recorded a number of concerts seeking to deliver an unique audiovisual experience which was made available through our YouTube channel. We thoroughly enjoyed this adventure thanks to our outstanding guests and the positive response from our viewers. We have decided to take this thrilling project further (alongside our ordinary live repertoire, Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe on Youtube for all upcoming releases of Brötz Sessions. Camera/editing: Thomas Frank Orlando Nigro Sound recording/mix: Harald Svensson